Financial Policies

Publication Fees:

"Metaversalize" is committed to providing open access to all its readers and authors. As a result, we have eliminated subscription fees for readers and article processing and publication fees for authors. Our primary objective is to foster the exchange of knowledge without imposing financial barriers on readers seeking valuable insights or authors wishing to disseminate their research. By embracing an open-access model, we aim to facilitate the widespread availability of cutting-edge research across diverse fields.


"Metaversalize" maintains a strict policy against the publication of advertisements on its website or within its articles. Our focus is to provide a platform for high-quality, peer-reviewed research content that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and promotes scholarly discourse. By maintaining an advertisement-free environment, we ensure that our readers can engage with content that is solely dedicated to scholarly pursuits and the pursuit of optimal solutions.

We believe that these financial policies align with our commitment to open access, scholarly integrity, and the pursuit of knowledge-sharing without financial barriers. For any inquiries related to our financial policies or other aspects of the journal, please contact us at