Aims and scope

Aims and scope:

Metaversalize is a distinguished international peer-reviewed journal that aims to advance understanding, exploration, and scholarship in the dynamic field of the metaverse. The journal is dedicated to publishing high-quality scientific papers that significantly contribute to the discourse surrounding the metaverse’s development, impact, and multifaceted dimensions.


The scope of “Metaversalize” encompasses a wide range of topics within the metaverse domain, including but not limited to:

  • Metaverse Technologies and Platforms: Investigating the underlying technologies, platforms, and frameworks that constitute the metaverse, including virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, spatial computing, and immersive experiences.
  • Virtual Worlds and Environments: Exploring the creation, design, and analysis of virtual worlds, digital environments, and augmented reality spaces. This includes discussions on user experiences, interface design, and the integration of real and digital worlds.
  • Societal and Cultural Implications: Examining the social, cultural, and psychological implications of the metaverse on individuals and society at large. This includes studies on virtual identity, social interactions, online communities, and digital ethics.
  • Economy and Commerce: Analyzing the emergence of metaverse economies, virtual currencies, NFTs, digital marketplaces, and their impact on traditional economic systems and industries.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Agents: Investigating the role of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual agents within the metaverse. This includes AI-driven interactions, intelligent avatars, and automated behaviors.
  • Digital Art and Creativity: Exploring the intersection of the metaverse with creative expression, digital art, and multimedia experiences. This encompasses discussions on virtual art galleries, immersive storytelling, and interactive media.
  • Education and Training: Examining the potential of the metaverse for educational purposes, skill development, training simulations, and immersive learning environments.
  • Ethics and Governance: Addressing ethical considerations, privacy concerns, digital rights, and governance frameworks in the metaverse ecosystem.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Emphasizing the value of cross-disciplinary collaborations in shaping the metaverse’s evolution. This includes discussions on the convergence of technology, design, psychology, sociology, economics, and more.

Metaversalize strives to be a pivotal platform for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts to share insights, discoveries, and cutting-edge research in the burgeoning field of the metaverse. By fostering interdisciplinary discussions and promoting innovative thinking, the journal aims to contribute to the holistic understanding and responsible development of the metaverse, shaping its impact on society and human experiences.